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The Google Business Profile Manager is more than a free online business listing.

What is a Google Business Profile?

Google Business Profile, formally known as Google My Business, is a free online business profile where you manage your listings on Google Maps and Google Search. In other words, in most cases, it’s the place where you manage your brand’s first impression online.

Your Google Business Profile should be your first step in search engine optimization because it is the dashboard to control how your business appears on Google.

Need to update your business hours on Google Maps, or want to promote special offers or an event? Your Google Business Profile can do both. In addition to informing your clients and potential new customers about your business services and offerings, hours, phone number, and other essential info, this is where you’ll reply to reviews. Oh yeah, and did I mention that you can also create posts with custom links (Buy, Sign Up, Call, etc.) and even build a website, all for free!

How to setup a Google Business Profile

Step 1

Start by clicking the button below or typing into your browser. Click on the blue “Manage now” button.

Note: First, be sure your business is eligible for a business profile by reading the guidelines.

free Google Business Profile

Step 2

Type your business name to search for your business on Google Maps.

If you have a listing, you should claim your existing listing. Or if you can’t find your business, you should click “Add your business to Google” to create a new profile.

Get your business discovered on Google Search, Maps, and more

Step 3

Select your business type: Online retail, Local store, or Service business.

Choose You Business Type

Step 4

Enter a category for your business to help customers find you on Google.

Note: You can change your category and add additional categories later, but be careful; adding too many categories can trigger Google to disable or suspend your profile.

Enter a business category

Step 5

If you selected Local business as your business type, you will be asked to enter your business address.

If you didn’t select an existing business in step 2, Google may prompt you again that there are similar local businesses close by. If you see your business, but it has been claimed by someone else, or you have lost access, you can Request ownership of a Business Profile here.

Enter your business address
Is this your business?

Step 6

Enter your phone number and website address (optional but highly recommended).

What contact details do you want to show to customers?

Step 7

Decide if you want to allow Google to send email alerts and suggestions, and agree to the Terms of Service and Google Privacy Policy by clicking Continue.

Put your business on the map

Step 8

Depending on your business type, you have options for ways to verify that you are indeed the owner or an approved manager of your business. With this local business, we are receiving a postcard in the mail that will have a verification code on it.

Choose a way to verify
Postcard verfication

Step 9

Continue to customize your Google Business Profile by adding as much relevant information as possible about your business, including business hours, a description, and pictures of your business.

Improve your profile, and increase your likelihood of being found on Google by adding your products, services, and even a Q & A section.

Add business hours
Add business description
Add photos of your store

Don’t Miss…

The opportunity to create posts for special offers, in-person or online events. Of course, you’re probably already posting on social media, but there are at least two reasons to post on Google. First, your competition is already posting on Facebook and Instagram, but not as many utilize the feature on Google. It is relatively new compared to the other two, which is advantageous because you’ll be more likely to stand out. Secondly, because of the nature of the apps and their algorithms, when you post on social media, you’re mainly posting to your existing audience. But when someone is looking for a local business they haven’t used before, when a new potential customer is searching, they likely turn first to Google.



  • Click “Home,” then scroll down to find the heading “Get more reviews.” Click on “Share profile” or “Share review form” to generate a link you can send to clients to get new customer reviews.
  • Add photos of your business. Include as many as apply to your business, including interior and exterior shots of your building, your products, or pictures of your services being performed.
  • If you’ve ever claimed your business on Google (Search or Maps), you might already have a profile. Just visit and click on Sign in to your Google account to find out.
  • If you need help with verification, read the help article: How to verify your business on Google.

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