Apple Business Connect

Control how your business is seen on Apple Maps

Apple Business Connect

Manage your business presence on Apple Maps using Apple Business Connect

What is Apple Business Connect?

Apple Business Connect, allows businesses to manage how their business is perceived by creating an accessible place card that can be viewed by Apple device users worldwide. This card can include contact information, directions, and other built-in actions for Apple Maps.

With Apple Business Connect, you can effortlessly offer your clients and potential customers valuable information about your business services, operating hours, phone numbers, and other pertinent details. Additionally, you can conveniently share limited-time deals and announcements to keep them informed and engaged.

How to sign up for Apple Business Connect

Step 1

Start by clicking the button below or typing into your browser. Click on the blue “Get Started” button.

free Google Business Profile

Step 2

Review the Terms of Use to make sure you wish to continue and click agree and choose if you’d like to receive promotional email about Apple Business Connect.

Get your business discovered on Google Search, Maps, and more

Step 3

Select your business type: “Small Business,” “Enterprise,” or choose “Third-Party Partner” if you are creating a profile for a client.

Choose You Business Type

Step 4

Type your business name to search for your business. If you have a listing, you should claim your existing listing. Or if you can’t find your business, you should click “Add a new location with this name.”

If you choose an existing location, you will have the opportunity to move the pin if it is in the wrong spot.

Enter a business category
Enter a business category

Step 5

Choose your default language, display name, and business categories. Add your website address (optional but highly recommended).

Enter your business address

Step 6

Confirm your address, or enter another if the company address and location are different, and add any additional business details you wish to display.

What contact details do you want to show to customers?

Step 7

To verify your business, you have two options. If you choose Phone Call, be ready to answer your business phone line, and you will be given a four-digit verification number to enter.

Put your business on the map
Put your business on the map

Step 8

You’re all done! Take a moment to review your profile and appreciate your hard work.

Choose a way to verify
Postcard verfication

Additional Tip

Continue to customize your Apple Business Connect profile by including more details about your business. This includes adding photos, promoting events, and showcasing special offers.

Add business description
Add business hours
Add photos of your store

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