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Since 2012, One Eleuthera Foundation (OEF) has been on a mission to empower our local island communities, transforming them into thriving self-sufficient ecosystems. We are a community-based, people-centric, non-profit organization operating with the best interest of our local communities close at heart.

OEF was born out of a need to protect Eleuthera, our island-home, from large scale developments that threatened to forever alter the pristine natural landscape, disrupt fragile marine and land ecosystems and further disempower our people by perpetuating the cycle of over-dependency on foreign direct investment.

Our response is to unite and build a sustainable and equitable community development model, focused on the holistic well-being of those we serve. This model encompasses economic ownership, meaningful educational advancement, pathways to wellness, and environmentally sustainable communities centered around our island’s unique cultural identity. Read our full Shared Vision.

Today, we’re courageously reimagining our future. Through OEF’s consistent dedicated efforts, the tenacity and resourcefulness of our legacy community, and the support of donors and partners, we are creating change.

We are entering a new and accelerated phase of strategic growth, excited by the vista of progressive projects underway. Discover how these dynamic initiatives are creating sustainable growth, economic empowerment, and opportunities for our local communities to flourish and succeed.

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